Your Child's First Day

On your child's first day at the pre-school you will be welcomed by your child's key worker.  Your child will spend one hour at the pre-school with a parent or carer.  (Under the current climate you will be required to wear a mask upon entering the premises).  On their second day your child will hopefully stay for one and a half hours on their own.  If both child and yourself are happy then your child will stay for three hours and eventually build up to a full day, depending on hours attending.

Preparing for their first day


Your child will soon be starting pre-school. You are both bound to be really excited about this new


adventure - but feeling a bit nervous and anxious too is very normal! 


Talk about what school will be like

Your child will be wondering what pre-school will be like when they arrive and what sort of


things happen during the day. 

You can show your child the gallery pictures from our Facebook page so they can see what happens


during the day.


'All About Me'

Your child has already achieved so much. Why not share some of those special times with your child's


new key worker and share their experiences on your child's online journal through Tapestry.



Collect together photos, pictures and mementos of important milestones and events in your child's life


so far - e.g. birthday cards, photos of special family events or records of achievements.  All these can be


brought in to share during welcome time.