Working in partnership with parents and/or carers is central to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Consulting the parent/carer about children’s early experiences helps practitioners plan for effective learning at the setting, and helps them support parents in continuing their children's learning development at home.

All contributions from parents are encouraged and welcomed. Helping out during sessions, sharing interests or information about their culture, and taking part in discussions about the childcare service will provide the opportunity for parents to learn about children’s learning, in the setting and at home.

The benefits of parents and practitioners working together:

  • Parents feel more valued and respected, know more about their children’s experiences outside their home and use this information to support their learning and development more effectively

  • Practitioners benefit from parents’ skills and expertise, understand better the children in their settings and use this information to make learning more enjoyable and rewarding for all children

  • Children see learning as more enjoyable when their home life is reflected in the setting, feel more secure and consequently benefit more from the educational opportunities given to them