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Talking Tots - every Tuesday

Talking Tots is the UK's original and favourite provider of fun, interactive classes that gently boost preschool children's communication and social skills. Our friendly and exciting classes can help all children develop some of life's most important skills:

  • Concentration and attention, making learning easier

  • Self-esteem and social confidence, vital for making new friends

  • Pre-literacy skills, helping pave the way for reading and writing

  • Communication skills, helping little ones express themselves

  • Sharing and taking turns, helping everyone get along better

Debutots - every Friday

My name is Geri, and I am utterly thrilled to bring Debutots to Bristol.

With a formal training in drama and 11 years experience working in education, Debutots has provided me with the opportunity to share my passion for drama, story, play and fun!
I deliver sessions in nurseries, schools, community venues and I also join generations with Debutots in Care Homes. I also love entertaining at children's parties.

Each week, our little adventurers explore a magical world full of beautiful music and fantastic characters. No adventure is impossible with Debutots!

Debutots enhances the curriculum of nurseries, preschools and primary schools.

Our Early Years Drama classes are specifically for preschool and reception age children, with more advanced sessions for KS1.

Yoga - every Friday


Benefits of yoga for children include: Enhanced flexibility, and strength, coordination and body awareness. They also develop skills to support self discipline and a positive mindset. We offer regular or one off sessions that include yoga poses, games, music, breathing exercises and relaxation.